For celebrating the New Year we have collected and selected special and innovative floral designs, exactly as the coming year is in our dreams – WOW. We recommend ordering the holidays deliveries (yes, we do deliveries) as of NOW.

How? from the attached form, via mail , whatsapp or phone call.

we'll love to enrich your holidays.

Le’ Shana Tova veMetuka

Ayushka team.

Liz Taylor

An impressive romantic and pure bouquet.

A mix of white roses, alstroemerias, green bells and lisianthus, for a sense of New Year’s newness.

S – 150 ILS

M – 190 ILS

 L- 250 ILS

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Goldie Hawn

long flower centerpiece 

A timeless and elegant holiday arrangement, in green, yellow and white shades. A fresh  welcome to the new year.

Will be great as a table centrepiece, and a decorative element for any other space.

Available in varied sizes and colors.

S – 300 ILS

M – 400 ILS

L – 550 ILS

 XS – 240 ILS

*without orchids 

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Nina Simone

This minimalistic design will flatter and enrich any table. An elegant weave of dendrobium orchid with roses and greens, comes in an oval rustic bronze shaded vase.

S – 250 ILS

M- 400 ILS

L-550 ILS

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 A wild and hot design for the new year. 

A variation of flowers and pomegranates, mixed with wild green, roses and a handful of red hot chilli peppers.

Perfect as a gift  for the holidays, and for a table design.

*Can be combined with Grapes.

S – 250 ILS

M-350 ILS

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Grace Kelly

A glorious orchid plant, with two blossoming branches.

Can be ordered in a box with a drawer. Or in a clean and modern glass vase

330 ILS

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Amy Adams

a bouquet of white lisianthus and baby blue twida, the perfect centerpiece for a festive knights table.

You can order several Bouquets according to the size of your table.

140 ILS

80 ILS without the vase

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Lady Gaga

An impressive phalaenopsis orchid, with multiple branches and many flowers, as the exciting opportunities the new year offers us.

Available in multiple  colors

580 ILS (including vase) 

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Ingrid Bergman

An exciting classic holiday gift.

Combined flowers bouquet with roses, lemonium, lisianthus, and green bell.

Will fit as a centerpiece , or in repeated groups for a knight table design.

Can be ordered with The Glass vase in the picture for additional 80 ILS

S – 80 ILS

M – 160 ILS

L- 300 ILS

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Meg Ryan

Perfect as a table decoration, or as a fresh (and useful) gift,

A spice plant in a woven utah bag, with a honey jar and an apple for a green and sweet year.

Can be ordered with herbs plant of your choice.

35 ILS

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A classic head statue combined with dercena and succulents, the extreme “to be a  head and not to a tail”.

Can be custom mixed.

S- 400 ILS

L- 550 ILS

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Jeckie Kennedy Onassis

The present everyone would love to get (or to give themselves)

A special boat made of natural wood with varied and refreshing succulents.

M – 650 ILS

L – 850 ILS

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Grace Jones

A miniature myrtle tree with mini apples or pomegranates decorations.

A lovely holiday gift that will add an extra charm to the table.

A special vase can be added at additional cost.

80 ILS

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A charming gift for holiday, birthday and for everyone you want to share your love with.

The shapes, sizes, the flowers colors and type can be customised to your choice.

S- 250 ILS

M – 400 ILS

L – 600 ILS

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Jaja Gabor

An aloe vera plant in a box with a magical drawer. 

An exciting and surprising gift.

Available also in a glass vase with a  minimalistic look.

S – 165 ILS

M-220 iLS (with a floral or succulents drawer design)

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Farrah Fawcett

A romantic pastel design with the blossom that will add magic to every feast.

can be ordered with the clear glass vase as in the picture for additional 80 ILS.

S – 200 ILS

M – 300 ILS

L – 400 ILS

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Bouquet Care  

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Cut your stems every few days to help your flowers get a fresh drink

Make sure to keep your flowers away from extreme cold or heat and out of direct sunlight

Water should be changed daily to help your flowers last longer



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