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Store policies

  • Special requests for arrival times – please contact the store by phone.

Store opening hours:

    • Sun-Thu 09: 00-16: 00
    • Friday and holiday eves 09: 00-14: 00
    • Saturday – closed

Site's Policy

  • Ayushka’s website is a website that offers its customers information of various products. (the physical store located at the Hilton Tel Aviv)
  • The range of services and prices on the site may vary at the discretion of Ayushka.
  • We recommend placing the order a few days in advance so that we can deliver the best selection of flowers.
  • Flower varieties may vary according to the season and the degree of their freshness.
  • If a flower is not available – we will replace it with a flower of a higher or similar value.
  • The image is inspiring.
  • Due to the fact that the images are displayed on the phone or computer screen, there may be differences and changes between the appearance of the product in the image and the product in reality.
  • The strangers appearing on the site are usually sent without a vase or tool, unless otherwise stated in writing.
  • All deliveries are made in a designated vehicle by a skilled courier.
  • A user and / or purchaser and / or any third party will not be allowed to change, publish, send a link, or use the site, any part of it, the information in it, or its content, for any purpose, or to create any derivative, other than ordering products from the site.
  • Use of the site from the age of 18 and up.