Special glass vase with a large, white, exotic Phalaenopsis orchid. This Orchid is rich with multiple branches. Can be ordered in various colors of orchids and pots.
The vase included in the L version.

A word from the weavers

Phalaenopsis orchid is the king of flowers. Always in pace, always bringing happiness. Recommended as gift of love, personal or business gratitude and get well wishing. It can be ordered with the vase in the picture, other vases or without a vase in a special package The picture is a display suggestion.

How do we prolong the life of the bouquet? 

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The leaves like to swim in water less, so we will prune and keep them away from them. The stems are chopped daily, so that they drink fresh and refreshing water.

We will keep the stranger away from extreme weather conditions – we will keep away from direct sunlight, heat, cold and wind.

It is recommended to change the water every day to keep the flowers fresh