A field of Sunflowers highlighted by real whole cotton blossoms. This arrangement is designed in a cylinder container. Pictured, the vase is a rustic wooden container. The Vase Can be interchanges with a glass container of the same size.
It is advised to water in between the flowers and greens, rather than directly above them

A word from the weavers

Place the arrangement in a cool place. Direct sunlight is unadvised. Avoid placing the flowers next to direct hot or cold sources such as heaters or coolers, and not directly under an air-conditioner. Please add a quarter cup of water to keep the bottom layer moist. It is advisable to water round the sunflowers and not directly above them.

How do we prolong the life of the bouquet? 

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The leaves like to swim in water less, so we will prune and keep them away from them. The stems are chopped daily, so that they drink fresh and refreshing water.

We will keep the stranger away from extreme weather conditions – we will keep away from direct sunlight, heat, cold and wind.

It is recommended to change the water every day to keep the flowers fresh