Afrodite & Adonis

Two modern-design glass bouquets with white Cymbidium, white Calla and Roses for the ultimate white-out. These bouquets come with clear glass containers and are well suited for a table centerpiece. For an elongated table we would suggest ordering several, ideally, spread one per meter of table.
you can order as many units as you need

A word from the weavers

We will prepare the arrangement for you with love and care from the best available fresh flowers. It is recommended ordering several days in advance so we can insure you the freshest flowers. Specific flowers might change according to season. If a specific flower is unavailable, we will replace it with a similarly or higher priced flower. The picture is a display suggestion.

How do we prolong the life of the bouquet? 

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The leaves like to swim in water less, so we will prune and keep them away from them. The stems are chopped daily, so that they drink fresh and refreshing water.

We will keep the stranger away from extreme weather conditions – we will keep away from direct sunlight, heat, cold and wind.

It is recommended to change the water every day to keep the flowers fresh