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Welcome to our studio

We, the design team at Ayushka’s, are proud to operate and maintain our charming and special flower boutique. Ayushka is located at the Tel Aviv Hilton hotel, and provides services to the hotel and our loyal devoted customers.

Our vast experience allows us to choose the freshest and most beautiful flowers and expertly weave and arrange both classic and modern bouquets and floral arrangements – all according to your preferences and likes.

Events and public celebrations

throughout the years we have gained much experience in organizing, producing and designing events. Today our specialty is boutique and specialized events, designing the floral arrangement the atmosphere, the tablecloths, traditional Jewish wedding canopies and practically anything we can make more beautiful.   

About our store

Ayushka was established by Aya (Michal) Perlman in 2006. Ronnie has been with us for over 25 years in charge of organization and deliveries.  Carmel is our store manager and head designer, Yafit is our amazing event designer, Michali Grov is our head artist along with other exceptionally handpicked talented and creative staff members.

Our arrangements and delivery

Each piece we make is designed and arranged by our design team with great precision and passion. We are extremely proud of our work and always try to surprise our fans with new and fresh designs. We take great care with our delivery service to ensure our customers will receive our creations looking exactly as they did when they left the store.

A bit of history

Our shop, Ayushka, is in fact a part of a long line of a very well known and loved family that made flowers their specialty for many decades. Aya's grandfather and grandmother, Menachem and Ruth Katz, were pioneers who arrived in Israel back in the 1920's straight from the large city Lodz in Poland.
They built a small farmyard and gardening nursery. At the front they had put up a small booth that soon became Tel Aviv's favorite and most well-known flower shop. It was the place to go to for the best and freshest flowers. over the years the old wooden sheds have been replaced, the land was donated by Grandpa Menachem to the National Jewish Fund organization, and the innovative and beautifully designed round "Katz Flowers" shop was opened.
The shop was run and managed by the Menachem and Ruth's children, Hagai and Sari. In the 1960's Aya's father, Yerach Perlman joined the team.
A new branch of the shop opened at the Hilton hotel when it was built, and the two establishments have been working closely together ever since. After the passing of the second generation, granddaughter Aya took upon herself to continue this proud tradition of excellence and professionality working with flowers.
Three years ago, after an 18-year hiatus, Ayushka had returned to the Holton Hotel, where all of us here work happily together. All our staff members are eager to make the quality bouquets, gardens or event of your choice as memorable and stunning as possible.
The Fourth Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir with a flower arrangement of "Katz Flowers"
Leah Rabin, wife of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
Over the years, the family has continued to engage in flowers and event design: private, business, large and small events
In 2006 we opened the charming flower boutique Iushka at the Dan Acadia Hotel in Herzliya
Three years ago, after an 18-year hiatus, "Ayushka" returned to the Hilton and we all on the team are waiting for you to prepare the bouquet, garden or event you will love.